Trojans News · InSideOut Initiative Update

Physical activity and athletics have long been considered a vital part of public education’s mission to help young people become productive citizens. Have you ever wondered why? Why schools provide students with the opportunity to play sports as part of their school experience? Why schools hire, train and consider coaches part of the educational faculty? The answer is because there is the potential for something meaningful for students to acquire through their participation and proper coaching. That something is often defined as character.

Sports are an integral part of the educational curriculum; they provide the teacher-coach with countless opportunities to teach, model and develop character. But before you can coach character, you must find it in yourself. On the blog, we share self-reflection tips any coach or administrator can use to teach character in authentic and meaningful ways. Take some time to reflect this month—reflection will help as you begin to examine your own character, where you learned it, and how to most effectively teach it.

Inscribing character in students is the highest value and most enduring contribution a coach can make. We’re thankful for your passion to be the best versions of yourselves, and for your help to make student-athletes feel supported and empowered to show up and contribute in their own special way, every day.

Thank you for being part of this journey with us.

Jody & Joe