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Official Visits

What Do My Students Need BeforeTaking an Official Visit?

In order to go on an official visit, students must complete their Certification Account registration with the NCAA Eligibility Center (including submitting payment or a fee waiver request), be on that NCAA Division I or II school’s Institution Request List (IRL) and present the institution with a high school or college academic transcript. If a student currently has a Profile Page, he/she must convert that account to a Certification and pay the fee/request a fee waiver.

Make sure your students are communicating their NCAA ID numbers to the school(s) recruiting them so the school can find their account and monitor for their eligibility during the recruiting process.
Request Amateurism Certification

Request Final Amateurism Certification for Winter/Spring Enrollees

Prospective student-athletes with an enrollment period of Winter/Spring 2020 were able to request final amateurism certification starting October 1. In order for an account to be ready-to-process for final amateurism all amateurism tasks must be closed, and final amateurism needs to have been requested. To avoid last-minute delays, please encourage your mid-year enrollees to check their accounts regularly to ensure they are responding to open tasks.

A tutorial on how to request amateurism can be foundhereStill have questions? Reach out to our staff at 877-262-1492 — we’re here for you!

Proactive Calls

Our high school customer service team may be reaching out to your designated school contacts if a student has missing transcripts, programs that need to begin a review, or open tasks. These calls help you in the process, as open issues can affect your student’s initial-eligibility status. We appreciate your attention to the open tasks and providing the information so that we may continue reviews for the prospective student-athletes.

What are Nontraditional Courses?

Nontraditional courses include classes taught online or through blended learning, distance learning, credit recovery, independent study or similar means.

Nontraditional Courses
For a nontraditional program to be approved, the courses must meet the following requirements:

  • The courses must meet NCAA core-course requirements.
  • The courses must have ongoing and regular teacher-initiated interaction for the purposes of teaching, evaluating and providing assistance throughout the duration of the course. This may include synchronous or asynchronous instructive interaction, including emails, videoconferencing, online chats, phone calls and feedback on assessments.
  • The courses must have a defined time period for completion. This means the nontraditional program must identify the fastest and slowest paths to successfully complete a course (i.e., maximum and minimum time frame for completion).

Click here to find your program’s list of NCAA courses.

Reminder: 9th Grade Starts the Registration Process

The ninth grade is a great time for students to start the initial-eligibility process by registering with the Eligibility Center. The Eligibility Center recommends ninth grade student-athletes register with a free Profile Page ateligibilitycenter.orgStudents should expect to spend 15 to 30 minutes to complete a Profile Page. If at any time the student wishes to play at the Division I or II level, they can transition to a Certification Account and pay the registration fee to begin the certification process. Students can find more information and resources about registering on our How to Register page.

NFHS “My Staff”

A game-changing tool for the NFHS Learning Center is here. The “My Staff” tool allows you to easily send courses to your coaches, monitor course completions and monitor course progress all within your NFHS Learning Center Dashboard. Click the video to learn more.

NFHS My Staff

2019 High School Survey Results

This month’s look at the 2019 High School Survey results highlights responses related to Eligibility Center processes. More than 1,600 survey participants responded as follows:

  • 66% are satisfied or very satisfied with the core course submission process.
  • 67% were satisfied or very satisfied with the account and program review process.
  • 80% were satisfied or very satisfied overall with NCAA Eligibility Center.
High School Survey
In the next newsletter, we’ll be taking a look at additional results and suggestions submitted as part of the survey. Thank you for participating, and we look forward to continuing the discussion on how we can improve our support and collaboration with the high school community.
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