Trojans News · March 17th Update

March 17, 2020 Update

  1. Knox Community Hospital has closed the wellness center until further notice.


  1. Lunch for Free/reduced lunch will begin today. Please give us some grace as we work out the kinks in the delivery process. Food will be delivered to your home. If nobody will be at your home during the day but you still need the meals, please call 740-625-6346 and we will figure out a way you can pick it up at a different time. At this time we are only offering these meals to free/reduced students. If you feel you qualify for free/reduced and had not applied before please call the HS office (740-625-6346) and they will have our food service director call you to complete the necessary documentation.


  1. OHSAA has issued guidance that students are not permitted to use any athletic facilities while school is dismissed. Students will not be permitted to use the track or any of the school’s outside facilities.


  1. Online classes will start on Thursday March 19. If you need help accessing your classes please call the school offices and we’ll get you help. Please understand that it may mean we will call you back after we work the problem.


  1. I had a question concerning a college student that is now home and needing to do online classes. I talked to the Health Commissioner and we cannot allow anyone in the buildings. There are places outside the Elementary and High School that you can access our “guest” wifi. It is usually not on until after school but we will turn it on continuously starting today. You are welcome to work in your car or from anywhere outside the buildings. Be advised that the school’s internet access is filtered and so you may not be able to access some web sites and some application may not work.


  1. Access to buildings are being limited. If AN ADULT needs to get into a building, please call the office before you come in. Arrangements will be made to get you any materials from a student locker or desk. NO STUDENTS ARE PERMITTED IN THE BUILDINGS UNTIL FURTHR NOTICE.