Trojans News · March 23rd Update

March 23,2020

We will maintain meals for free and reduced students the same as last week. It will be
continued to be delivered at approximately the same time.
Online classes will continue. Let us know if you have an idea how we can make things work
easier. We’re trying our best to keep some kind of normal education for the students. If you
have any needs or questions call the superintendent’s office at 625-6346. Because of the
Governors “stay home order” we will be closing all offices other the superintendent’s office.
We will be sure the correct person gets the information and will call you back if needed.
Attendance – To clarify how this works. The state has given guidance that the school’s
attendance can be determined by completion of assignments. That doesn’t mean that you
have to do an assignment every day or you will be marked absent. Attendance is tracked on
the state report card and they want to have that data at the end of the year. We will not
determine attendance until the end of this shutdown or the end of the school year. So if you
complete 100% of the assignments, then at the end of the year you will be considered to have
perfect attendance for that period. If you complete 90% then you will be considered to have
90% attendance. It is COMPLETION of assignments and not your grade earned that determine
attendance. We will not be keeping daily attendance so it does not mean you need to do an
assignment each day to be considered in attendance. If you have further questions please call
625-6346 (Superintendent’s office.)
Playground – On Sunday the governor ordered playgrounds to be closed. We are not sterilizing
or cleaning any outside playground equipment or facilities.
Please let us know how things are going. Email the principals or the superintendent with any
questions or suggestions. We’re all new at this and learning along with everyone else.
Feedback really helps.
Middle School
High School