Trojans News · March 25th Update

Update March 25

Feedback is important to us as we continue to work through the online environment. Let us
know if things are going ok, if things are going well, or if there are things we can improve. We
are new to this and hoping to continue to serve the students as best as we can. We know we
aren’t going to be able to cover as much material as we could if we were still in school. We
don’t want to overwhelm the students with too much work and also want to cover as much as
we can. Your input is valuable. Please email
SPRING BREAK will happen as scheduled. There will be no online classes from April 6 through
April 13.
The MS/HS and elementary are doing online announcements each morning to try to give a
sense of normalcy. We hope this is helping.
The Ohio Department of Education has offered new information to help parents, families and
caregivers with questions about how to support their children’s social, emotional and behavioral
health during the coronavirus-related school-building closure.  Use the following weblink to get this
The Knox County Department of Public Health has an updated website with local information.
The Knox County Chamber of Commerce has a webpage with links to many state and local
websites related to the virus.

I hope all are well and extended families are doing well. I know this is a special community so if
you need any help please feel free to email me ( and I
will try to find someone or an organization that can help you out. We are all in this together
and need to look out for each other.