Trojans News · March 26th Update

March 26 Update

Legislative Action – The legislature passed HB197 last night. Here is what it means for
-All state testing is cancelled.
– Graduation requirements have been relaxed. Basically, we have gone back to the old days
where the district determined if you met the credit requirements. If you are worried you are in
danger of not graduating contact Mr. Gallwitz.
– Third grade reading guarantee has been placed on hold. Determination of promotion to 4 th
grade will be at the discretion of the Elem Principal and the 3 rd grade teachers.
– Permitted schools to count online education as school days. This means the work we are
doing now is counted as a legal school day and we won’t need to make up any time this year. It
also means the work being done now is for a grade. Keep working hard.
Unfortunately, we have had to cancel the Sr. Trip this year. Mrs. Lozier will be in contact with
those who had signed up to go.
What about graduation? We plan to have graduation this year. If we can’t have it in May then
we’ll try to have it as soon as the ban is lifted.
Other school activities – We will let you know as soon as we know. OHSAA has not made a
decisions on the spring sports season. Other activities are on hold until we get guidance from
the Governor’s office.
Google Hangout – We originally had Google Hangout on for everyone so students were able to
contact classmates. Because of CIPA rules, we had to turn it off. Teachers can create a google
hangout but students cannot. It is possible for a student to create their own hangout and
invite their friends by creating their own google email account. Realize that any school issued
Chromebooks will not permit signing in to non-school applications. We wish there was a way
to afford this ability to see your friends through school devices but student online safety is our
first priority.
Thank you to those who provided feedback to us about how online learning is going. All
feedback is helpful as we learn a new way to “do education.”