Trojans News · OHSAA Ticketing Information

The OHSAA will be charging an admission fee for all tournaments this year.   In the Central District, that means we will now be charging an admission for Golf and Tennis this fall.  In the spring, we will charging admission for Sectional baseball and softball.
All tickets will be sold online and the OHSAA has contracted with HomeTown Ticketing to oversee this process.   At this time, there will not be ticket sales at the site of tournament events.  Tickets for all tournament events will be available at   Participating schools will also receive an email from HomeTown Ticketing to provide specific game information.
All spectators must have a ticket.  Cost for the Sectional and District level events will $8.00 per ticket, inclusive of all online convenience fees.  The OHSAA has made arrangements to provide Administrative complimentary tickets through HomeTown Ticketing.
At this time, as long as there are attendance restrictions in place by the Governor’s office, all schools will be assigned a limited number of tickets for each event based on the host site facility and the size of the tournament roster for the given sport.
With golf events starting next week, we will communicate the informatin as soon as we receive it.
Thank you